Why love some1 who dont love u

by Cassanova

At one time,
she was mine,
i use to think,
shes so damn fine,
why i love her,
i don't know,
i wish deep down,
i could let her go,
why'd she do this,
and leave so quick,
guess its cause,
she dont give a sh*t,
i write these poems,
through them i cry,
always wishing,
to give another try,
why do i love you,
if you dont love me,
if theres light to this question,
please let me see..


Submission date : 2005-12-27
Last edit : 2007-05-13

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Sara ( F P C D ) at 2007-08-18

Great job!! so far all of your poems ive read are really close to mine! haha... 5/5 from me

jojo88 ( F P C ) at 2007-08-20

Wow ur poems tuch me this one mad me cry 10000/10000

Kris ( P C ) at 2007-09-23

It's very good.

StillLovingHim ( F C ) at 2007-10-09

You are amazing and great and you have so much to offer.
Don't waste your heart on a stupid girl.

Su ( F C ) at 2010-02-23

I love this

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