ThE HaRdeST ThInG In tHE WoRLd..

by StephyG

The hardest thing in the world
Is what I'm about to say
please listen to my words
Before you turn away
wer've been together a while
everyone says were great
Lately Ive felt different
maybe this is not fate
I know you love me dearly
boy I love you too
but the time has come to say
I'm breaking up with you.
sorry that was sudden
please listen to me
For these reasons I need to say
These reasons we couldn't be
'Its not you its me'
Would be a lie to tell
Im going to tell you the truth
As you know me so very well.
To the best boyfriend of all
No one could ever compare
sometimes you broke your promises
saying you would always be there
I was always there for you
at your every request
you found it hard to realize
I was always placed second best.
I understand friends are important
Maybe more so than me
But baby you needed to understand
That slowly you were loosing me.
i may not have left your heart
I was slipping out of touch
did you ever see my pain?
I cared about you so much.
Never forget that I still do
I love you till this day
But baby it cant work out
Theres no more we can say.
Please make me a promise
One that you must hold
Promise to take care of yourself
Till the day we grow old
You will always be my everything
Even Till the day I die
Baby this has been the hardest thing
saying the words good bye.

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Submission date : 2006-01-19
Last edit : 2007-06-01

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pearl at 2007-06-29

You rock

Alicia Jane ( P C ) at 2007-10-28

Ii really like this.
It sucks how guys say u mean soo much
but der friends come first.
lol anways
keep up da gud work

Daniel Patrick ( F P C D ) at 2007-12-23

I am almost speechless because I lost a fiance recently and she never could give me a good reason but she also said I seemed to break my promises a lot and this poem opened my eyes to something I can finally try to learn from...... WOW


melissa at 2008-02-25

I Love This Poem

xgreltz11 at 2012-12-01

Wow.i love this poem..

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