What I've Kept Inside

by TinyDancer46

Sorry if this sucks, just had to get everything out..

I don't know why its hard for me
I'm not sure why I cry
I have no clue why it still hurts
To know we said goodbye

I wish I could explain it
But you'd never understand
The tears that burn in my eyes
When I see you hold her hand...

But you'll never really know
The pain that I go through
For I just fake a smile and say
That I'm so glad for you...

Yet I'll spend another day
With pain that never ends
Wishing we could go back...
To before I said "just friends"


Submission date : 2006-02-27
Last edit : 2007-06-17

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FinalXBreathX ( F P C ) at 2008-03-27

Wow This is EXACTLY how I feel in every shape and form. I know how you feel. And it seems the more you linger on those words JUST FRIENDS the more it hurts. However time has passed and I have learnt to move on. Well Not to hurt so much when I see him with her.

l0VEiSPAiN at 2009-02-19

I feel the pain
i experienced it..uqqh
but i had to move on like he did..i found my love
5/5..excellent job!

Mariiia ( F D ) at 2011-01-15

Awwwww ii love it... :'( it is a really good poem btw. ii know exactly how you feel.. kuz ii am going thru the same thing right now

Amore E Dolore ( C ) at 2012-01-27

Goodbyes always hurt when your heart is not ready to let go

TONIANNA at 2012-10-19

Very good straight to the point.

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