How Do I Stop Loving You?

by ~♥«®ì¢áñ €hεm®¥»♥~

How can I turn back time?
How can I just forget?
You ask me to quit loving you.
Am I something you regret?

You tell me you don't want to hurt me,
That its better if I stopped caring.
How can you tell me this,
When you know with you there is no forgetting?

I cant just tell my bruised heart,
Quit loving him that much.
I cant just act like I don't care,
If I ever again feel your touch.

How can I stop loving you?
How do I erase what we had?
How do I tell my heart not to break,
When things start going bad?

How do I stop dreaming,
About you making love to me?
How do I forget your smile?
I just cant, don't you see?

Explain to me what I must do,
To forget this love I feel.
For how can I lie to my heart
By saying my love isn't real?

The way my heart loves you,
It has never loved before.
The way my body craves you,
Right down to my very core.

If I ever asked my heart to quit
Loving your eyes, lips, and hands,
It will break into a million pieces.
Why cant you understand?

I don't know how to stop,
I don't know how to forget.
I cant erase what we have,
Or act like we never met.

So please don't tell me to stop
Don't expect me to give up loving you
Its just something I'm not capable of
My heart is totally devoted to you

All I can do is pretend,
Like everything will be fine,
Like my love for you is fading,
And your slowly leaving my mind.

When you ask me to call it quits,
I'll act like I don't really care.
I'll lie to you and say I'm OK,
Of my pain, you will not be aware.

How else can I explain my love?
How else can I protect my heart?
Although its already too late since,
You have already tore it apart.

How do I stop loving you?
How can I forget about you?
If you know a way to stop caring,
Just tell me what I need to do.


Submission date : 2006-03-06
Last edit : 2007-04-20

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Stephen ( F P C D ) at 2006-04-02

This is a wonderful poem. such beautiful flow of rhyming I wish I could write like you! Keep up the great work, Your on my favorites list now, I read your poems and comment on them all the time. If you find the time can you check out some of mine too, I would greatly apperciate it :)

Brady James at 2006-09-10

This is amazing. i am going through this exact thing right now. and when i read this...i cried.

jazmin at 2007-05-07

Wow girl you know how to write a poem... good work... it took my breath away... i know how u felt wen u wrte it.. im going thru the same thing.... he wants me to forget but how!!! its tooo much love to just erase!!!

Gerard Kurt ( C ) at 2007-08-07

Wow. Beautiful. This poem is the very opposite of one of my poems. Check it out, maybe you'll forget him. Mine talks of finite love.

me just you ( F P C D ) at 2008-04-06

I can't even put in words how great that was
you put so much emotion behind everything
you must be really hurting and i hope you get better ! 5/5 <33

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