I've never been (so you'll never know)

by AI

I've never been for the word love
As silly as it may seem
Too many people just say it
But not knowing what it means

And even though I am in love
It's something I'll never show
I'll never stop to say that words
So I'll guess you'll never know

I've never been for promises
They make people look like fools
No one ever means to keep them
They'll be broken just like rules

And even though I am sincere
And feel it's something I owe
I can't say I'll be there for you
So I'll guess you'll never know

I've never been for love symbols
Those really stupid tokens
People give them out like presents
Then leave your heart all broken

And even though I want to kiss
You under the mistletoe
I don't feel its right to do that
So I'll guess you never know

I've never been for anyone
Cause there's no one just like you
How can I tell you how I feel
When this world made love untrue

And even though I feel for you
I'll let my emotions go
I don't think these words mean enough
So I'll guess you'll never know

I've never been for sad goodbyes
Cause I don't know what I'll lose
I've never left a friend behind
It is something I will refuse

And even though I really want you
Away my love, I will throw
I can't say what you want to hear
So I'll guess you'll never know


Submission date : 2006-05-18
Last edit : 2006-05-21

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Farther From Here at 2008-09-02

Beautifully written. Bravo!

Stephanie Michelle ( F C ) at 2010-02-01

Beautiful. The rhythm flows very well, good job :)

I agree with a comment above... You repeating "So I'll guess you'll never know" really adds to the piece.

Very touching.

My Name Is Mouse ( F C ) at 2011-01-27

Every word you wrote, I agree with. These days people recall love when they get together at the young age of 11 or so. What would they know about love, and therefore what would I?

Beautiful write. 5/5.

Scarlet Letter ( F D ) at 2012-05-30

Wow....... This is me... this is my life .... i love him but i can't tell him)= i'm of young age but atleast i know what true love is!!!

Lyn of philippines at 2016-04-05

No problem with the repetition of " so I'll guess you'll never know" because it is the way it goes..

such a nice poem

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