The Perfect Crime

by Darien

The Perfect Crime

Moonlight grazed the lake last night
As stars aligned for a beautiful sight
Her eyes of radiance sparked a flame
Whispers from the wind call her name

Sitting on a bench with a lovely view
There was nothing, I would rather do
Leaning her head against my shoulder
I kept her warm as the night got colder

The crime scene was perfectly placed
Go in for the kill, with no time to waste
I grinned as I gently kissed her forehead
"Baby, I love you so much" I softly said

She opened her glamorous eyes so wide
"I love you too," smiling as she replied
Kissing her lips I showed my affection
In that moment there was a connection

Happily we committed the perfect crime
But we were not getting caught this time
The crime scene left empty as we depart
Stole a priceless item, each other's heart


Submission date : 2006-08-23
Last edit : 2007-04-13

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CharismaticCountryGirl ( F P C D ) at 2006-11-09

WOW! What a beautiful poem. My jaw dropped at the conclusion! Just amazing!

Alyson ( F P C D ) at 2006-11-19

I liked it, but it didn't have much of a rhythem or a flow. I liked the setting. 5/5

Carmen ( F P C D ) at 2006-11-21

Wow, that was amazing. i love how you can relate crime and love, its so perfect. i loved it. beautiful. 5/5

Mousie ( F P C D ) at 2006-12-13

Awww that was sooo cute! i loved it, i thought it had wonderful flow, and great vocab.... you do an exceptional job on your poems 5/5

lizzie ( P C ) at 2007-05-23


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