Only If...

by Matt acuna

If you know that I care about you with all my heart,
Then why do you keep saying that I only loved you at the start?
If only you could understand that you're everything to me,
Only if you knew that without you, I could not be.

I love you more than life itself,
I only want you, nobody else.
Ever since we got together, you're always on my mind,
Even when we're with each other, locked together in a bind.
You're all I talk about when I'm with my friends,
Even if they get annoyed, I still talk about you till the end.

I always miss you when we are not together
But when we meet up, my heart gets a lot better.
Seeing you or even just hearing your voice
Makes my heart skip a beat without even my choice.
Just being with you has made my life better than it was,
You made my heart shine after being all covered up in rust.
I care about you as much as you care about me,
Even though I don't show it, all you have to do is believe.

I hope you understand that I love you with all of my heart,
I love you Yuri, even before the start.


Submission date : 2006-08-28
Last edit : 2007-04-29

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Zach ( F P C ) at 2006-09-05

Very heart felt... loved it

~â‚£ading |nspiration~ ( F P C D ) at 2006-09-13

You're good in writing luv poems, I doubt it wouldn't melt a gals heart 2 hev a poet guy like u writing a poem 4 her...

~if only he knew~ ( F P C ) at 2006-09-26

Awwwwwww this is sweet. i hope u gave all the poems you made for her to her because they are sweet. good job!! 5/5

heather ( C ) at 2007-01-07

Awww that is sooo freakin sweeeet!

myshiningstar14 ( F P C ) at 2007-01-26

Sweetm, excellent flow yuri's a very lucky gurl :) nice jobb


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