by Matt Dahl

Palms are sweaty
Knees are weak
My heart skips a beat
And it's hard to speak

Looking into your eyes
No words were spoken
As hard as I tried
The silence remained unbroken

I take your hand
And drop to a knee
Wondering, fearing
What will your answer be?

For better or worse
Until death do us part
I swear that I'll love you
With all of my heart

As we grow old
And time turns the page
I promise our love
Will never show age

So take this ring
Along with my heart
Together forever
We'll never part

For there's only one thing
I need in my life
And that is for you
To become my wife

For you are the one thing
That makes me feel whole
You brighten my life
And touch my soul

In times that are happy
Or filled with sorrow
Together side by side
We'll face every tomorrow

So until the end of time
These seven words will always ring true
"Forever and always
I will love you"

Copyright Matthew M. Dahl

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Submission date : 2006-12-01
Last edit : 2006-12-09

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Khanyisile Cele at 2007-10-17

That was sweet and nice love your poems

Polaroid ( F P C D ) at 2007-11-15

That was so so so so so so so so so so so times a million, sweet.

really really nicley written, i like the short stanzas, and how the rhymes are really simple

keep it up

rachel at 2007-12-29

Wow wee. i love your poems

c 0 n f u s e d ( F C D ) at 2008-02-24

Awwwez that was sweet!!

ketaki at 2016-07-21

Nice and commit ed love i loved the piece of work.

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