Never Understand

by Gem

Everyone insists on telling me
We're not meant to be together
How can I make them realise
This love will last forever

Ever since I first saw you
I knew we were meant to be
Nobody seems to understand
And they still all disagree

They say that they're telling me this
Simply because thay care
I long for a place that we're along
Away from accusing stares

They don't know about this love we have
But they still think they know best
I'm sick of everyone making trouble
And causing all this stress

They'll be frowning on us all the time
Even when we wear our wedding bands
But untill they see inside our hearts
They'll never understand... ©


(My reason for my bad mood...)


Submission date : 2006-12-11
Last edit : 2007-04-12

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Southernįƒ¦Charm ( F P C D ) at 2006-12-18

This was beautiful hun! And yes, don't ever let your friends tell you who it is YOU love, because they're not feeling what you feel. Keep your head up.
Keep writing you are awesome at it.
Please check out my two latest poems.
God Bless 5/5


danni ( F C ) at 2006-12-18

OMG...that sounds like one of my friends and shes going through this same thing and she seems to be getting the worst of it and i'm gonna tell you the same thing i told her...if you really like this guy then no matter what other ppl say stay w/ him and eventually everything will work out.

marl ( F C D ) at 2006-12-18

In a way I understand you.....
I like the poem...

Erin at 2006-12-19

No matter what anyone else your heart. your heart will tell you what to do. and remember...don't over think it.

beautiful poem by the way!

Erin :)

esmeralda ( C ) at 2007-01-01

Once again nice poem

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