Ripped Paper Hearts / I Will Never Belong To You

by ADORKable x3

I'm sick of being the best friend
When I want to be their girl
I'm sick of making them my everything
When I'm not allowed in their world

I'm sick of all the heartaches
Of all the hurting and the pain
My tears just can't stop falling
Like a summer's stormy rain

Staring at you from across the room
My heart could always flutter
I make it a point to look for you
But when I talk I barely mutter

Why do I care so much
When you couldn't have cared less
Why do you torture me
And leave me standing here a mess

My ripped paper heart
Torn right at the crease
The little rips and previous tears
Still hurt, to say the least

It's the constant torture of seeing you
But that killing pain inside
I always be the one far away
Never the girl by your side

You don't mean to be so mean
It's just that you don't care
I dress up and look pretty, just for you
It takes me hours to pick out what to wear

The perfected brush on my powdered eyes
And a sweep of mascara of two
Just seem to go so unnoticed
Whenever I'm around you

I could look you in the eyes
But you wouldn't hold my glare
You'll be thinking about someone else
Who wasn't even there

Hurt replaces my feelings inside
When I finally realize it's true
That no matter what I do
I will never belong to you


Submission date : 2006-12-16
Last edit : 2006-12-17

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Latest comments

Kenny ( F P C D ) at 2007-10-01

Nice poem! Love It!!

Amy at 2008-03-30

To every person who's always been there for someone else who never felt as close.

I hate seeing people who've always been by someone's side and watching as one day their feelings change to ones of affection, only to see the look on their heart as their special someone pulled a 'I always thought of you as a sister' on them.

amazing, you hit the nail dead on! much love for this poem!

Ginger at 2008-04-12

Excellent poem. I know exactly what that feels like. You poem says all the things I never could. Great job! 5/5

Aliah ( P ) at 2008-09-14

Damn, this poem was really nice.
i could feel the pain
so true, damn true!

allex0r at 2014-10-31

Beautiful! so on point :)

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