Picture in a Frame

by Rachel RTVW

Your pictures are in frames, memories on my wall,
To have you here again, I would give them all.
A picture cannot capture, the beauty of your skin,
Or the radiating glow I'd feel, whenever you would grin.
They cannot talk or sing to me, the way you used to do,
I'll never love another, the way that I love you.

So I look at you my soul mate, a picture in a frame,
I cry my tears of sorrow, cause I feel God's to blame.
He came and took the one, who made my life complete,
And all that's left are pictures, and an empty seat.
I also have a feeling down, deep within my heart,
It's the pain of loneliness, since we've been apart.

I try not to let the grief, just overcome my day,
I'll blow a kiss to heaven and send it when I pray.
I'll ask God to free me now, from a world so blue,
To take me up to Paradise, so I can fly with you.
I'm waiting for the day you come, calling out my name,
Until then I'll be staring at, your picture in a frame.

Copyright©2007 Rachel Barnett

* I started off writing this poem about my great grandmother who passed away when I was a little girl but then it turned into me looking through the eyes of my aunt who's husband passed away. I just wanted you to know where the inspiration for this piece came*


Submission date : 2007-01-06
Last edit : 2007-04-13

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Danny ( F P C D ) at 2008-07-11

You probably wont care that im even commenting because youve already gotten so many but I loved this poem! Makes me feel sad for you! :-( haha I hope I never have to go through this... but of course I will. That's just wishful thinking! haha Great write!

jordan at 2008-08-18

Ur poems r so beautiful

im falling apart without him ( F ) at 2009-01-05

Aww this is so cute and sad at the same time... it really reminds me of me and my ex boyfriend

xX the left behind Xx ( F C ) at 2009-02-04

It was sad..and emotional..
but it was an awesome poem.
keep up the good work. :)

john ( F P C D ) at 2012-01-21

I like it it has great purpose and has great meaning great work

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