by David

The key to my heart,
Forgotten, its vague memory long since have part,
I'd like to know, if you dont mind,
What it looked like, and what kind?

When you stole it was it golden?
Did it shine in the sun?
Set with sparkling jewels,
and links strengthened as to never be undone?

Or was it just plain and simple?
Cold to the touch,
Silver and indistinguishable,
Looks never mattering much.

Was it a skeleton key?
Entrapment of nameless pain,
A symbol of grieving and,
Happinesses ultimate bane

Did it weigh in your pocket?
And play with your head?
Was its presence unbearable,
Keeping you awake in your bed?

Would it whisper in your ear?
A craving for turn of the lock,
Could you ignore its ceaseless cry
And its confident, gloating mock?

Is that why you stand before me?
Empty arms outstretched you see,
Asking yourself why oh why,
You threw away this key...


Submission date : 2007-01-08
Last edit : 2007-01-09

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NoniWang© ( F P C D ) at 2007-02-03

Beautiful job, I liked how you related it to a skeleton key. Keep it up

oksana at 2007-09-02

I really like this poem its really good !!! cheak mine out some time and commet them thanx!

Lace ( F P C D ) at 2008-02-01

I want to tell you you should have made a copy :P
this poem was amazing, i dont often read poems about they key to someones heart.
and i like how you gave so many examples of wondering what the key looked like. as if you didnt know.
great write

Ian ( F C ) at 2010-04-20

This is an awesome and beautifully well written poem. I am jealous that I can never think of to write something like this.

Great write.

Blue at 2011-07-15

Interesting piece :)

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