This feeling

by Stacey

This feeling is new to me
i have never felt anything like this before
i love it, this is how it should be
i am not sad anymore

ever since we started talking im so happy all the time
i smile more often and laugh so much
i cant wait to see how i will act when you are actually mine

when we talk i get butterflies
as if i was a little girl
you make me feel this way without a try
i wouldnt trade this feeling for the world

you make me smile when i thought i never would
you make me laugh when i thought nobody could
you brighten my day with one smile
i havent felt this way in quite a while

i began to lose hope
i thought i would never find anyone
but you gave me that hope
you are the one


Submission date : 2007-02-06

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Cheyenne Reid at 2008-02-04

I love this poem it is very good i give the poem a 5/5 well done

unspokken ( C ) at 2008-05-10

Nice flow.
Liked it, especially the last stanza.
Perfect =D

Cale ( F C ) at 2008-06-25

Great write! Shows alot of emotion! Amazing! 5/5

cZaRiNa ( F P C ) at 2008-10-12

Great Flow!!..5/5
Very well written..

TONIANNA at 2012-10-19

WOW...... PERFECT....

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