Cant Get You Out Of My Head

by Emily Strickland

Couldn't Sleep Last Night
Too Busy Thinking About You
Can't Get You Out Of My Head
But What Am I Supposed To Do

Every Night While I Sleep
I Dream About Me And You
For Us To Finally Be Together
Would Be A Dream Come True

I Can't Seem To Do Anything
Without You In My Head
Every Night I Sit And Think
About You As I Lie Awake In Bed

Everytime I'm Around You
You Take My Breath Away
I Wish That I Could Be With You
Every Minute Of Every Day

When I'm With You I Start To Shake
I Can't Think Of What To Say
My Heart Starts Beating Really Fast
And All My Fears Simply Melt Away

As I Stare Into Your Eyes
I Always Seem To Get Lost
I Would Give Anything To Be With You
No Matter What The Cost

I Think Im Going Crazy
I Just Don't Know What To Do
My Heart Controls My Mind
I've Fallen In Love With You

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Submission date : 2004-04-04
Last edit : 2008-06-09

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y did he do dat 2 me ( F P C D ) at 2007-10-17


msluckyone ( C ) at 2008-06-18

Very expressive i like :)

marsha marie at 2010-06-28

What a nice poem will you have a look at mine and tell me what you think please xx

shayla at 2011-11-06

I love poem :]

ted mcdaniel at 2014-07-22

I love it it's very good

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