Steamy Affair

by Jackie

Gasps and moans disturb his sleep
Forcing him out of bed to leap
Treading softly on the floor
He pushes open the bedroom door
To the bathroom he quietly goes
Steam and perfume tickling his nose
The doors ajar, he can't help but stare
At the naked beauty showering in there
Over her body her hands slowly roam
Lathering it in sweet smelling foam
Steaming water over her breast ripples
Exposing both her erect nipples
Down her stomach her hands move
Coming to rest on her feminine groove
Rubbing and soaping she starts to groan
Sensations causing her to writhe and moan
It's all too much, he can't resist
He moves towards her, thru the steam and mist
Startling her slightly he enters the shower
Kissing her neck and moving lower
Kissing and sucking each nipple in turn
Passion and desire thru his body burn
Hunger and need shining in his eyes
He kisses her deeply stifling her cries
Her legs wrapped round him, he slips inside
Slowly her body he begins to ride
With each thrust he gains in speed
Desperate to satiate his hungry need
With a final thrust his hungers fed
He carries her back to his empty bed


Submission date : 2007-05-09

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Paul Hirst ( F C ) at 2008-10-15

WOW .............Xp

John Long ( F P C ) at 2009-02-22

Steamy isn't the word, WOW!!!!
When are we going to see some new poems, it's been far far too long!

Emma Wallis ( F P C D ) at 2009-09-12

It's erotic but very sensational. Such a heart wrenching piece, 5/5. Em x

dreamofolwin ( F P C D ) at 2009-09-25

An amazing write.... Nicely written... with talent :) and passion! Well done.

Janette at 2009-10-14

HOT HOT HOT, I think you must been the queen of erotic poetry, 5/5

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