by Carolina g

Dreaming about you and me,
waking up and knowing itll never be.
You are always in my dreams,
I dont know why, or what it means.
My dreams are filled with thoughts of you,
Us together, someday two.


Submission date : 2002-09-22
Last edit : 2007-05-04

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Alec ( F C ) at 2007-03-12

Only in our dreams we can be
Its funny how you poem is totally about me
LOL, nice work. Keep it up!

Oshabell at 2007-04-04

I really like but I think you should add more to it cuz like as i was reading it i thought of like 2 more lines to put on the end but other then that its really good!!

Wallace ( F P C D ) at 2007-04-06

Very good, i wish I could write like that, so simple but so passionate, great wrok.

Ashley at 2007-07-12

Thats it your on my favorites list !!!

CY GINDLE ( F P C ) at 2007-09-01

I love this it reminds me of a song
< IF ONLY IN MY DREAMS> i hope your
dream becomes real you sound like a romantic so don;t give up love is the only
thing worth dreaming for cy 5/5 on this beautiful piece

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