Look Away

by TinyDancer46

Look away
Act as if it isn't killing you
Ignore the words
That are tearing out your soul...
Show that fake smile
And act as though tears aren't
Forming behind your eyes...
Let the truth haunt your mind
As a lie escapes your lips
Pretend for a moment
That all is okay
That nothing is wrong
And then maybe, just maybe...
If you pretend long enough...
You'll actually believe it


Submission date : 2007-05-25

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jessica at 2008-06-22

I love all the poems you write there asome


Carrotgirl ( F C D ) at 2008-08-22

A poem for everyone who has been in love or infatuated with someone, nice theme not overdone skillfully written

tyme2change at 2008-09-20

I love love LOVE this poem!! im actually going through something that can relate to this 100%...Thank you for sharing and keep up the good work!

I love Edward Cullen ( F P C D ) at 2009-01-05

I love this one just as much as I love every one of your poems(:

Taylor Badger at 2009-01-24

Wow, just wow.
you are such an amazing write.
i loved it.

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