My Oasis

by ReJoyce

The sand is hot beneath my feet
This desert air, a burning heat
I'm running wild in all directions
Slowly falling from my imperfections

These flats out here seem dead and barren
Monotonous lifelessness
The silence is blarin'

When then a quiver runs suddenly
Through my spine as I sense
A sanctuary
A safe haven
A sweet serenity

You are my oasis
The cool drink to quench my thirst
My resting place in the sun
One thing that's for sure is this
You're my only one
My oasis

~Anthony Joyce


Submission date : 2007-06-01
Last edit : 2007-06-01

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reborn ( F P C ) at 2007-06-02

Nice metaphor! especially the harsh walk in the desert, and then finding the oasis and all that it brings!

twistedlover at 2007-10-24

I really like this

Tracy Michelle ( C D ) at 2007-12-30

An interesting read, I like the use of words, the flow is a little disrupted at times, but all in all a very good read, I'm liking your work, keep it up

xxTaegan Emilyxx ( C D ) at 2008-01-09

Wow. i really liked this one too. It has powerful emotion and good flow. I like the metaphores.
Taegan Emily

Neena Shilvock at 2013-03-20

Hi, I love this poem, and would like to use it on my blog this week - I would of course credit you as the poet. I write a jewellery blog, and one of my pieces is called Bedouin Oasis and this would fit perfectly - if you agree, I can send you a link to the blog when it is posted. Here is a link to the blog, in case you want to look at it before giving permission, thank you

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