Have you ever

by Jason

Have you ever
loved someone so much
that you miss
not there eyes or their kiss
you miss
being with them
all the time
every day and night
thinking of your one wish
to be with them forever
never having to leave there side

does it keep
you up at night
knowing how
they are not by your side
wanting to be
in their arms tonight
thinking of all the times
you guys
sat outside
just the two of you
alone with no one there to
bother the two

remembering the day
you knew you loved
this person
seeing the instant
you first wanted
her to be yours
remembering staying up
just to pray
in the rain
that your are not insane
for how you feel
for this person
hoping that
she will be yours
forever more

at your house
on your couch
at the ceiling
about the
you have for
this person
that you hold
so dearly
to your heart
never wanting
to be torn apart

wanting her to be yours
till the end of time
have you ever
loved someone so much
that you missed
their touch
when they hold you so close
wrapped in their arms
missing their beautiful charm
their soft voice
that makes your body
and mind rejoice
thinking of how lucky
you are
to have this angel
in your arms
she was
with you right now

wanting to fly
just to be
by their side
you love them
just that much
that it hurts
when you can't feel
their soft touch

have you ever
loved someone so much
and given them
all your trust
without expecting
anything much
just wanting them
to be happy
as happy as they can be

have you ever
loved someone so much
that you miss
them completely
every day and night
when you are not with them

have you ever
loved like this

(dedicated to my gf Lisa whom i love very much) sorry if its a little corney


Submission date : 2007-06-22

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Amberr ( F P C D ) at 2007-07-31

Awww, and yes I am loving like this right now.
This poem was a beautiful dedication.
I loved the way you had it setup, and I was quite captivated by your words. So much emotion, and although there wasn't a consistant flow the peice was just beautiful :)
Great job!

Fsams ( F P C D ) at 2007-08-01

Wow you are superb I would say, you must continue writing love poems. The whole poem is cohesive and the words nicely strung each other. All positive points :)

5/5 all the way


XxSara BethxX ( F C D ) at 2007-08-02

How Sweet..
Great Job =]]

AlesiA Professional Freak ( F P C ) at 2007-08-30

What a beautiful dedication. There's nothing wrong with a little corny. I thought it was very sweet. The look of this poem was interesting, I found I had to read it really fast because I didn't know where to stop and when start, but it's not such a bad thing. It's almost like when thoughts race around your head and your pen wont move fast enough, not to mention that it's like a racing heart. So, it was a very cool poem.

Alesia <3

me just you ( F P C D ) at 2008-03-21

Aw that was adorable...i didn't think it was corney at all : ) i loved it 5/5 <33

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