As Soldiers Went Home

by Fr0g PrincE

Staring at the river of my vanishing reflection,
The star's countless wishes, my innocence
Fellowed by the shadows of our invincible questions,
The bleeding lips of rewarding disobedience.

Beholdst thy beauty, bringing the clouds down into my knees,
My whole world shakes as you stare at my eyes tenderly.
Your path at this destiny as we sail across the seas,
Bloodline of parliament, my heart aches easily.

Will we never forget, cloudy nights of flower's sadness.
I search so much love, only "Maiden" of my rhymes.
I raise my sword and become a Saviour to my princess,
As little cupids fly away on valentines.

Into thy hands I drop a tear, 'til my war sets over.
Your scent unto my veins warms my heart much deeper.
Go back to fairytale, the sky was blue, I was with her.
The merry-go-round watch our enemies suffer.

Like soldiers on carnival, the spinning wheel of horses,
From thy throne, the return of my Mortal Venus.
So lovely, so kind, I'm deeply in love with your forces.
I'm yours this day on, be worthed my most precious.

Arrows in my heart gave me peace, ground filled with purple haze.
Back in your arms I lay, my love of all these days.
Now we meet again eternally back in place.
The war was no more, all of me beside you stay always.


Submission date : 2007-07-16
Last edit : 2007-07-18

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Luzan and Nazeer ( F C ) at 2007-08-20

VerY mucH fascinatinG. keeP yR writinG tO shimmeR likE aS thiS onE.... 5/5.

'aS soldinerS wenT homE'


Luzan and Nazeer ( F C ) at 2007-08-21

Omgsh this is so good ! i'd love your poems..


Misstress ( F C D ) at 2007-08-22

Absolutely remarkable style, like it
like it very much
Keep on writing.

Smoking TEEN at 2007-11-08

Haloow.. bad poem.. try again

Poem lover at 2008-03-28

Nice poem for a beginner, just try and try so that you would achieve what i have now, thank you and goodbye

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