What I pray for now (Hindi translation)

by Fsams

Yaad har pal teri aa ey
Meri sapnoko sajaa ey
Raathonki neende ulhaaey
Tere pyar me dil ye gaaey

Jab bi thum nazre churaa ey
Roake hum aansoo bahaa ey
Har khushi dilme samaa ey
Jab bi thum mere paas aa ey

Raath bar soey na paaey
Saath hum thujko hi paaey
Eyk pal kiliye na jaaey
Tere bin jiya na jaaey

Har galhi saath hoon thumhaarey
Aaey thu............aaey bahaarey
Eyk ho apna nazaarey
Ab yehi duaa hamaarey


Your thought comes all the time
Enlivens my dreams
Takes away the nights' sleep
Heart sings in your love

Whenever you take your eyes off (me)
I cry and shed tears
Every bliss fills in my heart
When you come close to me

Can't sleep the whole night
I find you near me
Not away even for a while
Can't live without you

(I'm) with you all the time
When you come...comes blossoms
May our thinking be the same
It's what I pray for now

Written by Fsams
Sunday 12:36

* I would appreciate comments and votes coz this is not from my native language and I have written it in Hindi originally.


Submission date : 2007-07-22
Last edit : 2007-10-24

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arooj ( C D ) at 2007-11-20

Your not bad ur self i gota admit.. and ur speelings arent perfect eighter in hindi translation unless ur ment to write it like that:P

Raindrops ( F P C D ) at 2008-07-06

I cannot read hindi and it even sounded poetic and close to the heart as any poem i have ever seen. superb work
Raindrops 5/5

Leap Of Faith aka Temps ( F P C D ) at 2008-07-09

This is a very great poem. I love how you used two different languages.. that was unique and very interesting. Secondly, the poem entirely was very well written and very beautiful and full of emotions. Great work. 5/5.

Austin ( F C D ) at 2008-07-28

Very cool! I haven't seen this before. The translation was fun to read. Can't complain very much. Good job. 5/5

A Shamy at 2008-08-12

Ey fsams
varah salhi both d poems. great work! d hindi version had d real feel to it, but d english transltn hold its own appeal as wel. think u can put d dhivehi version as wel?

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