by Fatima

I love you more than, the stars in the sky,
More than the soil on this earth.
I love you more, than the drops of rain,
More than anything given birth.

I love you more than,
A rose would love it's petals.
I love you more than,
A black smith would his metals.

I love you more than,
the beach would love it's sand.
I love you more than,
A gardener would love his land.

I love you more than,
The sun would love it's shine.
I love more than,
A drinker would love his wine.

I love you more than,
The moon would love it's dust.
I love you more than,
A planet would love it's crust.

I love more than,
My heart loves to beat.
I love you more than,
Having a shade in the burning heat.

I love more than,
Words can ever tell.

I wish I'd told you how much,
I love you, when you were in my hold.
It hurts so much that i have,
All this love for and you've not been told.



Submission date : 2007-08-13
Last edit : 2007-08-13

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Rasheed Khokhar ( C ) at 2007-10-04

Great Peace of Work Done By You..
with the desires of real love.... I really like and enjoyed with your work....:) 5/5


Lacey Marie ( P ) at 2007-10-13

Oh my good Lord!! This is SO good, I love it!

Colourful Mind ( F C D ) at 2007-11-04

This is so lovely so strong so much power i loved reading this and the flow is just great read more like this x

waiting 4 some1 ( F P C D ) at 2007-12-20

One of the most beautiful poems i have ever read...very wonderful i can describe its beauty...
he is so lucky to have an intellegent poet as a lover

Kenny ( P ) at 2008-02-05

Love this poem ;))


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