by Cassanova

I wish...
i wish i was you lip gloss,
every day your lips i touch,
always with you in your purse,
id see your face so much,

i wish i was your eye liner,
in your eyes id be,
finally theres a moment,
where all you see is me,

i wish i was your pants,
actually your belt on your waist,
wrapped tightly around you,
as we went place to place,

i wish i was your sweater,
a turtle neck preferably,
i could smell your scent,
and kiss your neck indefinitely,

i wish i was your mirror,
id be the first to see your face,
every morning you woke up,
only us in a confined space,

i wish i was yours,
i wish with all my might,
just for one more time,
which we could spend a night..


Submission date : 2007-08-19
Last edit : 2007-08-30

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grace ( F C ) at 2008-09-10

Omg i so love this poem! like out of every poem on this site..this is my fav!! 5/5!! =)

Paige ( F C ) at 2008-09-15

Wow, amazing :)

Arun Khan ( F P C ) at 2008-09-19

This was really well written, loved the theme.. must say, a piece of art... 5/5
Regards Arun.

SashaMirage ( F P C ) at 2008-12-13

Wow, you really expressed how much you desire to be with this girl very well. I really enjoyed reading it. 5/5

clare demecillo at 2012-11-07


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