Not Falling Apart

by Gem

In the darkened room she clutches her bear
The one that he gave her from the summer fair
She cried into the fur that was already wet
The only light from her muted TV set

With a sob, she reached for the ice cream tub
Knowing full well he would be at the pub
Drowning his sorrows? Too good to be true
He's probably hitting on somebody new

She closed her eyes and pictured his face
His stupid smug grin always glued in place
The way he always thought that he was God's gift
That's what it was that made her quickly shift

Two hours later she stood at the bar
Dolled up to the nines, looking like a star
Figure hugging dress clinging to every curve
Time for him to get just what he deserves

She soon spotted him, not a moment to soon
Surrounded by girls at the edge of the room
With a smouldering smile and a promise unsaid
She watched as his eyes nearly popped from his head

He sauntered on over, adjusting his tie
While she stifled a yawn and tried not to sigh
"Hey pretty baby," he said. "Looking good.
Do you think that for old times sake we could...?"

That was her cue to let out a laugh
"It was you who dumped me so don't be so daft!
You're just surprised I'm not falling apart
The truth is you were bad in bed from the start!"


(For a title contest)


Submission date : 2007-10-15

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smiles for alex ( F P C D ) at 2007-11-01

REALLY cool poem, I laughed out loud as i read the end bit. Every girl has done this at one point in their lives and it makes you feel invinsible great feeling lol. The flow was bloody exellent and i really loved the idea of the happiness and 'just deserts' as it were. Really good poem going in my favs :D xxx alex xxx

Dark Secrets ( F P C D ) at 2008-01-25

I like this poem... we girls should all be doing this... nice ending lol

Crazygrl ( C ) at 2008-03-09

Aww that is cute

Heather Hearts Chris ( F C D ) at 2008-03-15

OMG GEM I'M SO SORRRRRYYY I WAS TRYING TO GIVE YOU A 5/5 AND I ACCIDENTLY GAVE YOU A 2/5!!!! I'm really sorry if it brought down the vote too far.... Eeks I LOVED this poem though. I totally am in LOVE with it. It's going on my favorites, FOR SURE. Its s powerful, strong. Brave. Cute ending. Loved the flow and the vocab. Arg it was amazing! (I get a trophy for world's longest comment!)

Ashley ( F C ) at 2008-08-12

WOAh! ii LÃôVE this man! ii can totally relate! yuh said everything ii needed to & done! Most of us gurls just cry & cry & feel sorry for our selves. . . & yuh sucked it up & omg just soo amazing! lol

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