Sad love quotes

Dont regret something that once made you smile

~ nOt mine by true

by alli3
at 2005-03-31

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Sometimes you have to run away just to see who follows

by Rachel* ( F P C D )
at 2005-04-09

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I skinned my knee when I fell for you.

And as if that wasn't bad enough...

As soon as I got back on my feet,
You ripped out my heart,
smashed it to the ground,
and stomped it to pieces.

by Tiffany
at 2007-03-20

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Real eyes,
real lies.

by BabiiGirl ( F )
at 2008-08-13

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IF We wErE BoTH In loVe...ThEn wHy wAs i tHe oNlY OnE ThAt gOt hURT????

by xxBrOkEn2mAnYtImEsxx ( F P )
at 2008-08-14

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She smashed the rear view mirror with her fist.
Because starting today..
she is [NEVER] looking back.

by Melissa ( F )
at 2009-10-26

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I just want one chance. That's it. One chance for you to kiss and hold me, and if then you don't have feelings for me, then, and only then, will I allow myself to get over you.

by Lorreign ( F )
at 2008-09-15

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Love rules:
do not wipe ur tearz if u still want to cry
you were betrayed but still hope
you were hurt but still love.
Do not wait for him if u know he will not show up.
Dream but know wen to wake up
u can fall but know how to get up.

by Cecilia
at 2008-09-21

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The scariest thing was that we didn't even have to be together for you to break my heart.

by Bree ( F P D )
at 2008-10-04

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The sad part is, i would give up everything to be with you and you would give everything to make sure that doesn't happened.

by silly crush ( F P )
at 2008-10-05

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