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Falling In Love Poems

Falling in love is a feeling we all know - it can be bliss, it can be hell, it can be both. Here is a list of poems describing the process of falling in love.

Green Fields


Green Fields

Green fields where I long to be
hand in hand, just you, just me
Holding, touching, by my side
happiness, won't be denied
Wading thru' the Autumn leaves
a golden carpet 'mongst the trees
A woodland copse then we will go
where you will love me, hold me so
I'll lay you down on golden leaves
we'll 'moonlight bathe' by silver trees
And there at last all words long done
two silhouettes will merge as one
Few precious moments lost in time
where you will truly there, be mine
Then in the shadows we will stay
watching night, turn into day

If you were ever me to leave
eternity, then I would grieve
I'd walk these fields all on my own
chasing memories, all alone
My Heart would never, find a home ..