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Fun and humor is the best medicine when one's heart is broken and it elevates us even higher when one's heart is filled with joy. Here is a list of poems that address falling in love, being in love, and even breaking up in a light-hearted way.

True Love

by Hollymariee

Please love , dry your eyes ..
There's no reason for you to cry .
You loved him lots ; I know it hurts ,
But all these tears he's just not worth .

He made his choice , now let him go ;
His mistake , and he'll soon know .
It won't be long , he'll be on his knees ..
But walk away , and ignore his pleas .

The day will come ; Your heart won't ache .
No more nights will you lie awake .
The tears will stop , as the memories cease ;
His name won't hurt , and the pain will ease .

But until the day that all this ends ,
Remember that you've got your friends .
Just take our hand , and we'll help you heal ;
Showing you how true love feels .