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Romantic Love Poems

Romantic love is the feeling of exhilaration, passion, and joy when you are together with your loved one. The following romantic poems describe these feelings of romantic love.

Hand in Hand

by Karl Wild GG23

As we sit in the snow white sand,
And the waves crash upon the shore,
I stare to the sky trying to understand,
Why the stars seem brighter then ever before.

Is it because the sky is so clear,
That the stars are shining bright?
Or could it be that love is near,
On this perfect summer night?

We laugh, we kiss, we talk,
Draw pictures in the sand.
Along the ocean we walk,
Just her and I, Hand in Hand.

Our night is almost finished,
As the moon is fading fast,
Another day will be diminished,
Put with the others in the past.

Everything seems to melt away,
Faster then the drop of a dime,
As night dissolves to day,
We lose more precious time.

Surely soon the sun will rise,
As this is Gods command,
I know she can see the twinkle in my eyes,
As we walk Hand in Hand.