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Falling in love with a new person feels almost like being in love for the first time because each person is different and we are like a new person as well. Woes and joys of the past are forgotten and you are ready for new love.

October 1988

by Fallen Angel

Tonight as I sat and cried

I saw a shooting star go by

In love, in hope, in life, in dreams

I sat and pondered the sight I'd seen

Was the small star as lonely as I

On this black night, as I cried

I touched my face and felt the tears

That I have cried for all these years

And I wished upon that star

That I had seen from afar

I wished to have a love so true

And that was the night that I met you

You took my hand and dried my tears

You somehow diminished my darkest fears

You opened my eyes and helped me see

Everything the world could be

You showed me everything I had missed

With your warm and gentle kiss

You held me in your loving arms

I was captured by your charms

You said to never again be scared

And then I knew that someone cared

Then suddenly I realized

You were my blessing in disguise

Now no longer will I cry

Because I have you by my side

Your deep soft eyes warm my heart

And I knew from the start

I would do anything for you

Because you are my wish come true

Not mine but I got it from a friend.