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First Love Poems

When you fall in love for the first time you experience feelings you've never had before. You might think that no one has ever felt such intense emotions before, and you are alone. But you are not, and here is a list of poems that describe falling in love for the first time.


by Sara

Lately I've been thinking
about our younger years
How you used to hold me
and take away my fears

You would tell me
"It's gonna be alright"
and the only way you'll hurt me
is by holding me too tight

Gazing into your eyes again
for the first time in awhile
I'm going to be so happy
Of course I'm going to smile

When you hold onto me
and promise to never let me go,
that will be the best moment
I will ever know

I can't wait to see your smile
upon your gorgeus face
I'll stay with you forever
no one could take your place

When our lips finally meet
and we pull away
I'm going to ask you
"Please baby, won't you stay"