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First Love Poems

When you fall in love for the first time you experience feelings you've never had before. You might think that no one has ever felt such intense emotions before, and you are alone. But you are not, and here is a list of poems that describe falling in love for the first time.

These Feelings


These feelings that I'm feeling now
As you are holding my hand
They're some feelings other people
Just can't understand

You are my everything
And these feelings are all for you
I can't help but love you so much
And love everything you do

I love you more than anything
Because you are the boy of my dreams
In movies and books love is fun
And I'm seeing love is what it seems

I will love you forever and always
And we shall never part
Wherever we go
You'll always have a piece of my heart

Some people claim we won't last
But I don't believe what they say
Because I've learned from the start with you
These feelings don't just go away