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First Love Poems

When you fall in love for the first time you experience feelings you've never had before. You might think that no one has ever felt such intense emotions before, and you are alone. But you are not, and here is a list of poems that describe falling in love for the first time.


by cYuTiE

You came into my life,
and took me by surprise.
You told me that you loved me,
while staring strait into my eyes.
You said you'd never leave me,
no matter how hard times would get....
Little did I know,
you'd probably forget.
You really made me laugh,
with all those jokes you told,
You even held me really tight,
when I was cold.
When I would cry,
you'd wipe my tears away.
You even told me,
we'd get married someday!


You did all those things,
but what I can't forget,
Is that out of the blue you just left me,
with so much regret.
You took my heart, placed it in your hand,
and tore every single part.
You! You were the one!
You created my broken heart.