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Love Poems For Her

Pleasing a woman is not an easy task. Sometimes it feels as if she comes from a different planet. But despite that, or even because of that, you love her even more. Here is a list of poems other men have dedicated to their girlfriends, fiancees, and wives.

Song of your heart

by naaz

Today, once again, she asked that same question
'where are you?' while looking at a star.
Well, I am in each letter of every word
you have written for me so far.

My world has been surrounded by
emptiness too, and it is falling apart.
Even in this darkness, my only hope is
that song which comes from your heart.

I am waiting for that moment when you
embrace me, and I will be no longer on my feet.
Love is all about belonging to that beautiful place
where your soul never feels incomplete.

One day, our paths will cross each other,
and I will drown in the beauty of your eyes.
Until then, we are just dream catchers,
catching our dreams in the night of the fireflies.