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Sadness is an emotion we want to avoid at any cost. But sometimes it is better to let it overwhelm us. Pain can cleanse and make us ready for a new beginning. Here is a list of poems about unrequited love, falling out of love, broken relationships, and other things that make us sad and unhappy.

I Feel Empty

by Emily Lynn

I loved you more than life itself
And those memories will always be mine
Even if I knew how badly it would hurt
I wouldn't give up a moment of our time

I'm not saying I still love you
That's definitely not the case
These last two years have taught me something
That nothing will ever erase

I've thought about our happy times
And how "in love" we were
But the more I thought about the good
The more it seemed to blur

The happiness faded out
And sadness took its place
I can remember all the fights
And the tears running down my face

I cried myself to sleep at night
Knowing things weren't well
But even as you pulled away
More in love with you I fell

After the sorrow came anger
And it felt so good to be mad
Because with your lies you ruined
The best thing I'd ever had

You led me to believe
That you would always care
But in truth all you wanted
Was for me to be there

I was your backup
In case something went wrong
But as soon as I realized that
My feelings weren't as strong

No longer are my feelings
As complex as they were before
Now I just feel empty
Nothing less, nothing more