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"What Is Love" Poems

"What is Love?" is a simple question with no simple answer, as "love" can mean so many different things for each of us. It's a feeling, and it's hard to describe it in conventional language. That's why poets have used poetry for centuries to give their answer to this eternal question.

Love is...

by Dreamofolwin

Love is... sitting side by side,
Telling each other what you feel inside.
Sitting talking for HOURS ON END!
Just like talking to a friend.

Love is...looking into someones eyes,
And feeling something happen inside,
Its a feeling you will NEVER forget!
For it started the day that you first met.

Love is... lying awake at night,
Knowing that you will never sleep right,
Till the one you love, is with you day and night,
To share with you the rest of your life.

Love is... giving all of you,
AT LAST... to the one who loves you too.
Your dreams, your life, your everything,
Each tear, each smile a new day may bring