Comments - Galvanizing touch

Arch at 2005-09-11

Another gr8 one

Patrick at 2005-09-18

Again another great one , pure passion and devotion....good work!!

Shorty ( F ) at 2005-09-21

Hey thats a really good poem..thats worth a 5. well keep up the good work, and if u can please see some of my poems k?....bye!


...°¤•*d0ra ( F C ) at 2005-09-22

.w0w. wHat an aMazing piEce.!!! this 0ne reaLly t0uched my hEarT. greAt skiLls. beautifuLly written. y0ur name s0unds greek.. are y0u?? i am. anyway greaT p0em very wel| written!
l0tz 0f l0ve

MezKenzie ( F P C D ) at 2005-12-07

Hey another beautiful poem keep it up!:)

Squire Andy McWeirdo ( F P C D ) at 2006-01-22

Hey. This is another great poem. Beautiful, touching and emotive. How do you do it??? Once again the flow is brilliant. Superb!


Missunderstood at 2006-06-24

I like so much
this poem so intense i feel your passion for this girl. Excellenteeeeee

markus at 2006-09-06

Such a beautiful poem , good write your talent shines the way great" this cyber love" poem i read it on that other site and checked if you were on here an dwell here ya are--cant wait to read more M

blue angel at 2007-10-13

Nice one!