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Hurts Alot at 2008-06-15

Aww... ya it's great!! I loved it!! :)

janet david at 2008-06-15

Yeah i think this poem shows how much someone love someone you should send it because this poem is job well done.

Ronnie at 2008-06-16

I 100% think your poem wuz great. u DEFINATELY shud give it 2 him if u haven't already. he's going 2 love it and cherish it. im a guy..TRUST ME I WUD KNO!!!

ABreakingHeart at 2008-06-16

Wow babe that was so good, i really think you should give it to him. I wish someone would write something like that for me.
The guy who broke your heart is an a-hole and i'm sorry he hurt you.
anyway great poem.
5/5 for sure

arvin at 2008-06-16

I hope you have been able to tell him your feelings and wish that he has answered you affirmatively.

BreakeR ( F ) at 2008-06-16

You shouldn`t think about it , just give it to him , sooner as you can , goo nooow to him , when you give it to him , hug him short one ;)

Desiree at 2008-06-21

Girl, you betta give it to him, he will love it. It was great! Good job!

chini at 2008-06-22

So sweet..:) i love it! hehe! God bless you girl.

Eric Velasquez at 2008-06-24

Its a good poem if that how you feel you should give it to him im sure i hope if any thing happens i hope he saw my mistakes and doesnt make them with i wish to see you happy meghan and like i said in the beginig back when the lov e we had was just beginig member i just watn to see you happy meg cause one day il show you i am capable of taking care of you and you better believe ill find away back to you and well do it right that is if you want but once again its a good poem bustos would like it how they say on yhis poem thing 5/5

Bella ( F P C ) at 2008-06-27

Aww !! Amazing !! I think its perfect even though there isn't much rhyming and great usage of words but it was so full of emotions and great feelings.
Its simple and amazing.
Great job.

cynthia at 2008-06-27

Omg taht poem was super cute! its the best i love it! :)

yes u should give to him en less u already have! lol

marycris at 2008-06-30

Hmp....i like your's nice

aShLeY rAe at 2008-07-01

Yeah. I think that you should give it to him! It was good! Nice job!
[aShLeY rAe]

The Open Closet ( F C D ) at 2010-07-12

That was beautiful, i loved every bit of it! and i can relate to this piece as well which makes it that much more meaningful and beautiful. lovely work :)

Em ( F P C D ) at 2016-05-02

Meg, another elegantly written piece.

The day I needed someone most,
I turned and saw you there.
I opened up and let you in.
Even though deep down I was scared.
I love this opening part. It's funny really how when we need someone that they are just kind of there. It's good to open up even if scared because then at least we're being honest.

I was such a mess.
My life had fallen apart,
But slowly- piece by piece,
You put together my broken heart.
The image here of him piece your heart back together piece by piece is beautiful. It shows he took time on you m, to love you through your insecurities.

Even though I swore I'd had it,
I would never love again,
Deep in my heart I knew,
You were more than just "my best friend."
None of us want to admit falling 'in love' again when we've been broken because that way if it happens again we won't be as hurt.

I don't know what i would do without you,
Or if I'd even be here today.
I pray that you will never leave
And with me you'll always stay.
Isn't it kind of funny that when we have fallen in love we wouldn't now what to do without that person yet before we met them m, we survived. Love it works in mysterious ways.

Because I love having you by my side.
I no longer feel alone.
I never want to be without you,
For my heart has found its home.
Love this last stanza because after hurting for so long and wondering if you should love again, here you are with a new love that you don't want go lose site of because it's your home.

I love you.
A blunt yet true statement of love.

Great write that many can relate to, Em

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