Comments - Last Night I Had A Dream

Cristi ( C ) at 2005-08-15

great poem keep writting for a first timer comment on some of mine and tell me whatcha think honest is the best poilcy

Forever_N_Always89 ( F P C D ) at 2005-08-15

Beautiful poem. Is it really your first??? Wow... Glorious setting. Anyway, keep it up -- you're doing a great job. I hope to read more of your work.

jessie at 2005-08-15

great poem i really enjoyed it

LuverChick at 2005-08-15

wow its really good..i luv it:P

Kylie at 2005-08-15

That is good!!! Was that really your dream? I would Die for that to happen to me! Well GREAT job!

Skyla Wind at 2005-08-15

Wow! I love this poem! VERY goos for your first one! Keep it up!

Cyndilee at 2005-08-15

I love it so much...

Carrie at 2005-08-15

that is an awsome poem. and its also what i've always dreamed would happen to me lol. anyways, yet again...awsome poem! you should defenitly put more on here.

Steven B at 2005-08-15

I have to say i started to tear up when i read this and though about my fiance. You are a beautiful poet that through your words can touch all of our hearts and well im going to go propose to my fiance! I am looking forward to reading more of your poems! and thank you

Steven B at 2005-08-15

Im so happy right now even though i dont know who you really are i love you and now im engaged thank you so so much!!!!!!!!!!

CheLLey ( F P C ) at 2005-08-15

wow totally awesome poem. i'm so loving it =D. great job, i had the same dream!!! haha coolness.

<33 cheLLey

Naomi at 2005-08-15

huuny dnt stop. omg you r well gd at writin poems ! omg . did dat really happen 2 u ? wow yr gd lol keep up da gd wrk ! dnt let it go 2 waist!

LilFlaca at 2005-08-15

im not a guy but the poem is cute.

eddie at 2005-08-15

that was great you made me cry i guess its be cause i had a moment like that and i wish that that mommen would have lasted fore ever but time flew instead that was great keep writting you outta check out mine

steph ( F P C D ) at 2005-08-15

*tear* I know that feeling, and you captured it sooo well. Great job! *bows*

Marianna ( F C ) at 2005-08-15

WOW! THIS POEM IS JUST AMAZING! IT IS SO BEAUTIFUL AND SWEET!!!! I really liked your use of words and the phrases! WOW! KEEP UP THE FANTASTIC WORK!!!!!

alex at 2005-08-15

this is so amazing....and so beautiful!! great job and keep it up i look forward to reading more of your poems!!

karina gonzalez at 2005-08-15

this is everygirls dream well is been mine since i started liking boys and god if that ever happens to me ill die. ne wayz great poem! its awsome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ħė®ŀº§ŧŠм¡£℮ ( F ) at 2005-08-15

Oh my God that was Awsome I Loved It continue writing you are a very talented poet - I felt as if i was there with you in that dream and for a perfect dream you got a perfect score

Chey Baby ♥ at 2005-08-15

simply amazing.
thank you.
i know exactly how it feels to want someone so badly.

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