Comments - You'll Find Someone Else

ghaziankun at 2012-06-24

Oh god , it's so sad , it's great

rahul at 2012-06-25

Killerly superb it is....

rupia mwinyi at 2012-06-30

I can't hold back my tears.

Alyssa ( F P C ) at 2012-07-06

I love this poem!

Sanket Sonawane at 2012-07-14

Wow, that was some poem..
must have took a lot of thought..
really nice work..
keep it up!!

cassandra lawson at 2012-07-16

Part 2????????

Baby Rainbow ( F P C D ) at 2012-08-07

Omg, such a powerful and tear jerking piece. How devastating. It is such a powerful write because you tell the journey of a love which is on and off and on again and when it seems like things are finally working out for this couple, fate has different plans for them.

i liked the repitition where you mention loving someone else, and it worked great in the end of the poem, I think this is the bit which will capture the tears of your readers.

The imagery of holding someone in your arms, in the middle fo the street and having to watch them slip away is just breath taking and unimaginable.

Amazing poem.

Bubble at 2012-08-09

It really touched my heartt...great one!!

Ravi Thakkar at 2012-08-20

Dat was nice...wonderful representation of the pain..anyone can be dragged into this beautiful lines and they in the end wud definately feel gr8 sadnes..

Michael Forsythe at 2012-08-27

This Is So Beautiful. I Shed A Tear. I Hope This Hasn't Happened To You.

Juan at 2012-09-13


DeeplyInLove ( F C ) at 2012-09-15

Sheesh i started reading this poem for the heck of it. and i couldnt stop reading. great job 5/5

DeeplyInLove ( F C ) at 2012-09-15

I started reading this poem for the heck of it. and i couldnt stop reading. 5/5

nunu at 2012-09-17

I wasn't expecting to have my heart broken while reading this. it's soooooo heartbreaking and sad. well, done. i didn't want to stop reading.

leah at 2012-10-14

Its so nice,, i can really feel the sadness in it.. :'(


This poem heartbreaking but I really enjoyed it.... Had tears in my eyes... I loved it 5/5

enrique at 2012-11-08

This poem suck

Angela smeck at 2012-11-26

You are incrediable. i love your work. such a great poem. keep writing. Have you gotten anything published?

Silent Scribbler ( F C D ) at 2012-11-27

Wow. Depressing. =( Made me tear up a bit. Although it really upset me it's still great poetry, great penmenship. One to add to the faves. 5/5

Poop at 2012-12-12

Wow... This was great... No wonder it is one of the most popular poems on this site. It almost brought tears to my eyes at the end... If this were ever to happen I could never imagine how Chris would feel.. But a rather amazing poem.. Kudos to you for this. And to that dude who said it sucked: I highly disagree.

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