Comments - The kind of girl

Jelsey at 2007-03-30

That is soo sweet. I hope u find that in a girl

Brandy at 2007-04-11

Hey, i know i dont know you, but this was a really good poem!!!! I love it!!!

Yea, i am this exact kind of girl!! I love you unconditonally, dont butt into your business, let u have your space when u need it, and most of all, i let u love me too. Im not the type to hold back b/c im scared.

The only bad thing about this is that no one can see that this truly is how i am, b/c no one gives me a chance.

Well, hey.........i was just wondering if u wanted to keep in touch. You can e-mail me

Hope to hear from you soon

<3 Brandy

Kevin at 2007-09-19

Very good!

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