How Could You

by MissMeg

We broke up three days ago,
And already you have a new girl.
A complete stranger
Now gets to hold my whole world.
And I want to know...How could you?

You said you would keep me and never leave me.
You would love me for all time.
So why does she get to have,
What I used to call mine?
And i want to know...How could you?

How can you act,
Like we've never loved at all?
While I'm at home wishing you'd call.

How could you move on,
Just like that?
While I'm here hoping,
"Maybe he'll come back."

How could you forget,
All the plans we made?
While i'm still here grieving.
Over a love for you that will never fade.

I just want to know...HOW COULD YOU?

please comment me and let me know if you liked my poem or not. i will return the favor. thanks!


Submission date : 2008-04-05
Last edit : 2008-04-05

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Latest comments

Heart Break Kid ( F P C D ) at 2008-05-18

Wow this poem is really good i love it

you are a really great poet
better then me

Danny ( F P C D ) at 2008-05-23

Ugh, I have totally felt this way before! It sucks! Actually, that is quite the understatement lol

But on the bright side, I love this poem! I especially love the first stanza. The emotion is so strong how you've written it.

I think it is incredible that you can express yourself so well. Not too many people can do it this well so feel special!

haha Poems like this are why i love this website!


My Paper Heart ( F P ) at 2008-05-26

Really nice, I liked this one a lot! Great job!

HuRtAnDpAiN at 2008-06-11

Wow i'm speechless. keep it up

LittleMsPink ( F P C D ) at 2012-10-01

Sad yet a beautiful poem :) <3

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