Love In The Form Of A Wrecking Ball


Take my heart and hold my hand,
you're the only one who understands.
But you know that my heart has been broken,
so this love has to stay unspoken.

You're everything I've ever looked for,
and these feelings I cannot ignore.
I feel so lost that it feels like I'm in a maze,
I want you to find me; I can't count the ways.

You are perfection at it's very best,
no one compares; there is no contest.
Every time you look into my eyes,
you're able to remove my every disguise.

Only you can break down this wall,
it's love in the form of a wrecking ball.
I can only hope that you can see,
I love you; can you say you love me?

Briana Coulter


Submission date : 2008-07-21
Last edit : 2008-07-21

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Rating : 4.9

Latest comments

BroknHeart ( F D ) at 2008-07-25

WOw...i really enjoyed this piece!!! It flowed beautifully!! And I can really raelate to the meaning! Def a 5/5!! :)

caitlin at 2008-07-26

What a great poem =)
I would rate you 10/10.
keep up the good work =D

Skyfire ( F P C ) at 2008-07-27

I really liked almost sounded lyrical. Like it could be put to music.

4 track demo ( F C D ) at 2008-08-10

Very smooth, and well written..
nice rhyme and meter. and the message was portrayed well, good job, cant pick out a favorite was all good..
very nice..

Jaimee at 2008-08-13

Excellent poem!
Loved every bit of it.
=] 5/5

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