Dreaming of that day

by Sarah

The world is a very cruel place
Ive been hurt, which is true
But all my problems drifted away
The moment I first saw you

When I have you near
My problems disappear
Holding me with all your love
My emotions become so clear

How can people tell us its wrong
When being with you feels so right
To you I am your princess
To me you are my knight

My heart beats uncontrollably
When I see you in my sight
To me you are my everything
To me you are my light

An angel who walks the earth
The wind that I can feel
The miracle in my life
My love for you is so real

The love I have for you
As I lay tightly in your arm
Being calm and smiling
Knowing Im not close to harm

Feeling the breeze between our bodies
Breathing in the nights summer air
My body warped around yours
Knowing theres nothing to fear

Laying quietly on the soft green grass
As you pull me near
Holding me tightly like youd never let go
Whispering those three magical words in my ear

Looking at the mountains
Watching the sunset go down
Nothing but silence
The wind is the only sound

Closing my eyes and wishing
This day would never end
A blanket wrapped around us
Nothing but the feeling of wind

Dreaming of that special day
When I become your wife
Putting the rings on each others fingers
The most happiest day of my life

As I walk down the isle
As my father gives me away
I whisper in a soft voice
That Im here to stay

We are together forever
We have now became whole
Ill cherish you forever
Two heart but one soul


Submission date : 2003-02-26
Last edit : 2007-04-26

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Brittney ( F C D ) at 2007-08-12

In the last line 'heart' should be 'hearts' I do believe.
This is a great poem with very deep emotions put into it. I love it. Great write!

Kenny ( F P C D ) at 2007-11-02

Absolutely wonderful my dear!!!! the emotions are very widely expressed. I loved it!! 5/5 ^^,

whitney at 2008-04-25

Awwww. it almost made me cry that was one of the best ive read on this site and im new so good job:)

Detroite at 2008-08-01

Wow congratzzz ^^

Smiles at 2008-09-04

That was a beautiful poem very inspiring and caring, almost brought a tear into my eye ;)

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