I'm Not Crying

by Inside the Liar

Say all the words you want baby
But I'm not breaking down
Your words just bounce right off me
My tears are nowhere to be found

You and I are over
That's road's already been paved
And it's too late for you to realize
What we had could've been saved

Now that your girl dumped you
You say you know how I feel
But don't expect my sympathy
'Cause you caught the raw end of that deal

You're begging me to take you back
The tears running down your face
But the emotions have frozen within me
And I'm in a different place.

A place where I don't have to care
About how hard you're trying
And all I can think as I turn away
Is that for once I'm not crying

Copyright 2009 S. Sieglaff


Submission date : 2009-02-11

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Lawliet ( F P C D ) at 2009-02-15

Wow I seriously like how you penned this poem. Yeah I think the guy deserve what he got...cause the way you wrote it... seem like when he choose you over another gal, he didn't he care much bout ur feelings...and now tt he's been hurt and knows how you have felt b4...he wants a second chance which he totally doesn't deserve.The ending was great to up up how u feel about him

Excellent Job

Emily ( P ) at 2009-02-16

Awesome flow.

Stephen ( F P C D ) at 2009-02-16

This poem is very well written, I felt the raw emotion as I read it, and you ended it very well.

You felt a sense of pride at the end, such as your standing up for yourself.. Very good very good 5/5

Joy at 2009-02-16

I can relate =|

nicole at 2009-02-16

Love it, 5/5

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