by Cale

Today you became my girlfriend.
You the girl I have been trying to find.
You are everything i want and more.
And now I'm glad that your all mine.

Today we have been together six months.
Our love is more on fire than ever.
You amaze me more every single day.
And you make me look forward to forever.

Today I asked you to be my wife.
You now have a ring on your left hand.
I cant wait to start our lives together.
We already have most of the wedding planned.

Today I found out you were in a car wreck.
They say the other driver was drunk.
I am scared but still have hopes to marry you.
But when the doctor told me the news my heart sunk.

Today I was going to marry you.
Instead I have tears rolling down my face.
We planned to have hundreds of flowers.
But on your grave only lays a single vase.

Today would be our 25th wedding anniversary.
But when your true love dies.
Your left here on earth alone.
Looking for your angel in the skies.

Today we would finally be old together.
But only one rocking chair blows in the wind.
I sit here just like every other day.
Thinking about the girl who was my best friend.

Today I get to join you in heaven.
The hospital sounds i now barely hear.
Everyone has said goodbye and I'm ready to go.
Finally I feel you again and you are near.


Submission date : 2009-06-09
Last edit : 2012-03-12

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Latest comments

Kuro ( F P C D ) at 2009-06-17

Wow, that was deep and moving. love that lasts forever like that is rare and beautiful.

thanks for sharing

charles ( F P C ) at 2009-06-17

Good writing, reminds me a bit of my own "Two Souls"

Olivia B at 2009-06-23

My eyes watered as I read this. I felt love and understanding--I was basically moved. It takes skill to write such a loving piece that could depict life so perfectly. I am soo... speechless.

Thank you for such a piece

Jessie at 2009-06-30

I was moved by this fantastic piece of art. It's my favorite poem, by far. I hope you don't mind that I've saved your writing on my computer, but I have written your name at the bottom along with the address bar. I'm amazed by the skill in this poem, and by the tears that almost fled my eyes. Thank you for submitting this, i think you have talent. Never give up. And if you make it big, please, PLEASE, message me and tell me, i'd love to be able to read more poems by you.

DreamOfOlwin ( F P C D ) at 2009-12-22

Your writing is astounding lol. You make your poem feel so real, and I love the rhyme and flow in this piece. Keep up the fantastic work...

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