Thank you Lord for the music!

by KEN

Thank you Lord for the music!

I love its sweet refrain especially when it gets mingled with the torrents of rain. Music is a *gift that can sooth a troubled soul and mind, David played the Harp and mean old King Saul became kind.

Do you remember that day when we met on that rainy plain with those moments of much disdain but when the Band played our special Tango we both immediately dropped our forks loaded with mango.

We moved quickly to the dance floor and performed our dance of love, the Tango. All eyes were upon us as we twirled and swayed, we saw the many smiling faces, the music and our dance made their day, we left hand in hand by the way. Farewell to bad memories on that plain with all its rain.

*I heard on a Radio Station that Music is transmitted to all parts of the human brain. When I sometimes feel blue or down I play my favorite songs and it is miraculous how it lifts my mood, I'm sure many of you would agree.

Author Ken
March 4, 2016


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KEN ( F P C ) at 2016-03-05

Thanks Ben!

Dagmar Wilson ( F P C D ) at 2016-03-09

Welcome back. You are so right. When feeling the blues music can work miracles. I love the old school and it takes me back in time and gives me something to smile about. Be blessed.

KEN ( F P C ) at 2016-03-18

Love Ya Dag!

Em ( F P C D ) at 2016-04-05


Music does help to heal. Listening with your eyes closed really helps. Listening to the right piece always helps. This piece of yours rings true. A fab write.


KEN ( F P C ) at 2016-04-22

Thank you all!

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