For Only You

by Soulful Ensemble

I'm so in love..
With the words you say
With your every way
Through every day
From May to May
And I'll always love you
Even if the sky is gray.

I'm so thankful..
For the love you give me
For the way you kiss me
For how you let me be
And I'll never falter
As long as you still want me.

I'm so happy..
When we are together
When you say this is forever
Even in bad weather
Our love is always getting better.

I love so much..
To make you laugh constantly
To do the things you need from me
To try to make you happy
And to do this unconditionally.

I'm always here for you
I need you
And my heart is there
For only you.


Submission date : 2016-09-09

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