Just A Friend

by Emily Strickland

Inside Of My Head
Is Where I Play Pretend
I Pretend That Your My Lover
Instead Of Just My Friend

The Love I Have For You
I Am Forced To Keep Inside
Locked Away Within My Heart
Are Where These Feelings Hide

I Dream About You Each Night
Wondering If You Dream Of Me Too
I Wish I Could Just Come Out
And Tell You That I Like You

These Feelings That I Have
I've Never Felt Before
I Know That We Are Friends
But I Still Want Something More

If Only There Was Someway
I Could Just Get You To See
How I Feel About You
Then Maybe We Could Be

But For Now All I Can Do
Is Sit And Play Pretend
And Hope Someday You'll Be My Lover
Instead Of Just My Friend


Submission date : 2004-07-12
Last edit : 2008-06-09

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Latest comments

Kharisma ( F P C D ) at 2004-11-17

great poem.....keep writin..

olivia at 2005-03-03

hey i really like this poem because i think that all girls have felt this way sometime in their life about one of their guy friends i know that i have.

kayla T ( F P C ) at 2007-01-25

This is really good ! keep it up!

Lemon Square Bear23 ( F P C ) at 2009-02-16

I totally loved this poem notto long nor short it was Amazing!!! 5/5 always

Shiba263 at 2013-08-17

I can relate to this poem, this is great poem, I love it! :)

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