You Are My World

by Sarah jenkins

Theres something you don't know,
and that just how i feel,
the thoughts that go through my mind,
have never felt this real.

You make me feel as if I'm beautiful,
like I'm all you want to see,
the only thing I don't understand,
is why you chose me.

When you hand touches mine,
theres this tingle feeling I get inside,
you make me feel so loved,
and now I know that I need not hide.

Oh how did i ever get this lucky,
why do you only want me?
am i all that was out there?
or do you see something i don't see?

I'm so thankful that were together,
because i would be lost without you,
just tell me that you love me,
like i truly love you.

Did you know that your my world?
your my life, my love, my happiness,
I'm so lucky you chose me,
because only I can feel your caress.

I wanted to thank you,
for all you've given me,
you let me love again,
and set my spirit free.

I always think about you,
every single second of the day,
I think of how happy you've made me,
and how I wish you'll always stay.

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Submission date : 2004-11-16

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Latest comments

brin macnamara ( F P C D ) at 2004-12-06

I do like your work Sarah. This one is both loving and about love. (Thanks for your comments re: mine)

Izzi at 2004-12-06

Brilliant, It really touches my heart.

Amanda at 2004-12-07

That poem is so lovely and i am sure that alot of other people like me go through that same sort of thing
with love xoxoxox

Ann*Stareyes* ( F P C D ) at 2004-12-08

Sarah, I'm glad I found your poems. I've enjoyed each one that I have read. You are very talented and gifted, so keep writing. lol

Poet ( C ) at 2006-10-21

Nice poem i really liked this one

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