I Want , Never Gets

by Kathryn

I can't believe how Long its taken,
Or how we got here.
Ive loved you since forever,
Yet only for 4 year.

I want our lips to touch,
And our hands to hold.
I want to feel your body,
Comfort me when i am cold.

I want to kiss in public,
And not to be afraid.
I want to live together,
In a home that we have made.

In the morning when we wake,
I want to see you smile.
Tell me that you love me,
And that its all worth while.

I don't want empty words,
Or you to tell me lies.
I might seem vunerable,
But deep down i am wise.

My only dream i wish,
Is that someday it shall come true.
That you will love me,
As much as i love you.


Submission date : 2004-12-23
Last edit : 2007-07-10

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Latest comments

lee at 2007-09-15

That is great it is perfect

Oguz kaan ( F ) at 2007-10-08


George at 2007-11-09

Sadly I know how you feel.
It seems like this could fit under "desired love," but either way, good job.

Neil Marsden ( P ) at 2008-01-20

Lets really hope he does, he could not wish for someone with more feeling!
Well written - Well done!


Hustle Hard ( F C ) at 2008-05-08


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