Why Do I Still Love You

by Kali

Everythings so silent
I cant hear a voice
So many feelings
I dont have a choice

Crying so softly
So I cant be heard
Everythings so confusing
Every little word

So many nights
Where I cant sleep
Dreaming of how much
You mean to me

Asking myself
Is this how I feel
Closing my eyes
On everything real

Wishing and praying
Wanting to know
Why I care for you
Why cant I let go?

Eyes filled with the tears
Heart filled with the fears
Mind so confused
Why do I still love you?

Everyones told me
I cant feel this way
You told me goodbye
Yet I need you to stay

Standing in place
For such a long time
I cant figure out
Why I want you to be mine

Youve broken my heart
And left me to cry
I feel so useless
But I cant say goodbye


Submission date : 2004-12-25
Last edit : 2007-04-15

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Latest comments

Jalisa at 2005-01-01

Girl I know just how you feel all you have to do is just deal with it if it is meant to be he will find his way back to you."keep yo head up"

Miranda Grose at 2005-01-01

WOW! That was the best poem I have read all night, well in a very long time. It was like u wrote all of my feelings down. Haha it was a great poem, I loved it! ~*~Miranda~*~

MiCHELLE at 2005-02-04

this is such a great poem. i can totally relate.

heather at 2005-11-04

YES! awsome!! I LOVE IT

kayla T ( F P C ) at 2007-01-25

This is really good ! keep it up!

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