How Do I

by Marine Wife

How do I say what I think about you
Words to describe your beauty are too few
Kisses from your lips I would forever steal
Mere words can not say what I feel

How do I say what I feel in my heart
I dream of holding you in the dark
I dream of loving you in the day
I search deeply to find the words to say

How do I say what I dream in the night
Dreams so real, I feel you holding me tight
Close my eyes and drift away in sleep
Your sweet kiss I taste in my dream so deep

How do I say what I want you to hear
My arms would hold you forever near
You are truly beautiful, I want you to know
I want to embrace you and never let go

How do I say the words I cannot find
How do I say all the things in my mind
How do I say when the words are too few
How do I say how much I truly love you


Submission date : 2005-07-28
Last edit : 2007-04-21

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lee at 2005-08-05

hey i added u to my favourites and so yeah and i think this poem is really good it rox and thanx for reading all myn ok well cya round

Irresistible_Poison at 2005-10-29

Great poem! It feels like whooa--,keep writing!If you have some time,could you comment on mine plzz?I would really appreciate it. Thank you xx

~*fallinNlove*~ ( F ) at 2005-11-11

I think this poem is so great. It has a connection to my life in a way and it is so sweet i am finall goin to get the courage to tell tha boy that I just now realized that I love how truly feel thanks to u. God bless!

definitionofme ( F P C ) at 2005-11-30

This poem says a lot. especially what i feel for this one special guy. i cannot describe what i feel for him. i think i'll go read this to him, if he's willing to listen... ;D 5/5

Lizzy at 2006-08-17

Your an inspirational poet. u are on my favorite list so keep up the great work and i will check up on you to see how you are progressing

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